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Vince Willis , the Artist
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Great Shop, Clean, Professional, and Friendly atmosphere..

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The work speaks for itself, thank you for bringing my vision to life..

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Custom Designs, Portraits, Geometric, Realism, Flash, Micro, Tribal, Traditional, Polynesian, New School, Black and Grey, Color Tattoos, and more. We have dedicated artist to make sure you feel comfortable and at home for a permanent experience. Feel free to bring in ideas, concepts, and inspiration we will make it a tattoo just made for you , Let us bring your vision to life.


All piercings except dermals are done daily in our studio. Feel free to be walk-in for VIP service every time.

Tattoo Parties

Keep and Eye on the Instagram we will be Hosting our own Tattoo and Paint parties in true tattoo fashion. You Can also hire us for you event.

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Our Studio

Our History

Founded Feb 1, 2020 we opened the Art Collective Augusta as a plan to bring in a unique experience to the culture of tattooing and provide a one of a kind experience for clients all over the world. We understand that in todays age, where everything is changing we have to adapt and make sure YOU and the ART come first, we are a place where there is no room for ego, We make sure you are taken care of every step of the way.

How We Work

For all drawings / appointments we require a deposit. You can request a custom drawing by hitting the Appoinment Button in the navigation bar our team will get you booked for first available and you will receive confimation via text or email.

During the free consultation we will show you a brief demo of the direction we can take the tattoo.
All piercings are handled in a clean and sterile enviorment.

Birthdays, Classes, Coorporate Events, Family Outtings you are sure to enjoy our paint parties hosted by one of our artist.

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Our Artists

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Owner / Artist
Owner & Artist ready for anyone that walks through our door with the ability to deliver many different styles.
Tattoo Artist E

Marissa Brown

Freshman Artist
Prodigy Artist with fine art background making waves in the industry.
Tattoo Artist H


3 years Artist
Through many stages, she's been honing her craft. The results are reflected in her skills as her work speaks for itself. Madi's professionalism and commitment to great customer service is why your next tattoo should be done by her.
Tattoo Artist I

Dustin Storm

Freshman Tattoo Artist, Veteran Artist and Teacher
Graphic Designer and Copic Markers as his artist specialty. He will bring your piece to a new level.

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